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MeaningfulCareers.Com was created by Mark Guterman and Dan King, two guys with a shared commitment to the power of meaningful work. We believe that every person can have a meaningful career, guided by his or her own alignment of purpose, commitments and competence. People who have meaningful careers do better, feel better, and add lasting value through their work.

About Dan King

Daniel J. King, MeaningfulCareers.Com’s co-founder, is principal and founder of Career Planning and Management, Inc., a coaching and training firm that supports individuals and organizations in planning and managing a wide range of contemporary worklife and workplace issues. Over the past twenty years, Dan has designed and managed programs and services to align individual career goals with organizational performance objectives, working with such diverse clients as Lotus Development Corporation, Marriott Corporation and Harvard University, among others. Particular areas of expertise include professional development coaching, competency/skill analysis, and change management.

Dan is the resident career expert on Boston’s Personal Finance Radio appearing weekly on the program, Hire Frequencies, and is a regular contributor to the Career Connection column at JobFind.com. His articles have appeared in numerous publications and websites, including the Boston Business Journal, Mass High Tech, CareerBuilder, JobMonthly, and HR.Com. He has designed and presented such workshops as Navigating Your Career in Today’s Changing Workplace, Winning at Organizational Politics Without Losing Your Soul and Coaching Careers and Performance — and is a frequent presenter on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a self-assessment instrument with many practical applications to the workplace.

Earlier in his career, Dan served as Senior Consultant for a national outplacement/career management firm, where he designed and implemented the firm’s Executive Coaching and Retirement Planning programs. As Director of a Management Training Center with a multinational Fortune 500 company based in Washington, DC, he implemented a Leadership Development Program and was a contributor and advisor to the company’s Career Development Program, aimed at providing continuous skill development for managers within the organization.

Dan holds a M.Ed. in Counseling, a B.A. in Sociology/Psychology, and has earned recognition as Career Management Fellow (CMF) from the International Board for Career Management Certification. He is also a Master Career Counselor (MCC) recognized by the National Career Development Association. Additional professional affiliations are the International Association of Career Management Professionals, the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers and the World Future Society.

About Mark Guterman

Mark Guterman, co-founder of MeaningfulCareers.Com, is president of G&G Associates, a consulting firm that teaches people how to thrive in the changing workplace. He is also chief coach and program designer for Springboard Forward, a California-based not-for-profit dedicated to providing career development for low-wage workers. Mark teaches in JFK University’s MA program in Career Development, as well as trains and consults for organizations in various aspects of career management, values-based development, and work/life balance. He has worked with dozens of large and small organizations throughout the United States.

Mark is an author and product developer. His book, Common Sense for Uncommon Times: The Power of Balance in Work, Family, and Personal Life, focuses on the integration of creating success, finding meaning, and renewal. He recently co-authored a book chapter entitled, “Values: A Key to Meaningful Work,” appearing in a revised edition of New Directions in Career Planning and the Workplace. He is also the co-author of ValueSearch, a cross-culturally based process that helps individuals, groups, and organizations determine the values that give meaning to their life and work. In addition, he has created dozens of training and development programs including: At the Cross Roads: Conversations at the Intersection of Work and Meaning; Coming Home: Weaving Together Work, Spirit, and Judaism; and Thriving at Work in the New Millennium.

Over the course of his career, Mark has been Executive Coach for the Growth and Leadership Center, Director of Professional Services for Lee Hecht Harrison, and Career Counselor for JVS. Prior to creating his current work life, he spent 10 years in human resources and store management for Mervyn’s stores. In his last position as Career Development Manager, he designed a comprehensive career development system for employees and managers, consulted on succession planning, and was instrumental in administering their reorganization and outplacement efforts.

Mark holds a BA from UCLA and an MA in Counseling from Sonoma State University. He is a member of several professional organizations and is a frequent speaker to organizations and conferences throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.