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Where in the Data is the Meaning?

By: Mark Guterman “Data is the sum of all human experience.”  So says a recent technology ad campaign. Recognizing that the company sponsoring this ad is trying to sell something, think about the message embedded in that statement.  Not only

Meaningful Work: If Not Now, When?

By: Dan King Sitting in Starbucks tapping away at my computer, feeling very trendy with a frothy beverage at my side, I overhear two young women in candid conversation about companionship, clothing and careers.  I don’t mean to eavesdrop, but

Searching for Meaning in a World of Inequality

By: Mark Guterman Everywhere, it seems, there is talk about income inequality.  From politicians and economists to pundits and career consultants like me, almost everyone agrees on its negative impact.  This is usually followed by suggested high-level and systemic fixes. 

Meaning, According to David Brooks

By:  Mark Guterman David Brooks, the syndicated columnist for the New York Times, recently wrote “The Problem With Meaning” where he said that meaning, as used today is “flabby and vacuous, the product of a culture that has grown inarticulate

Finding Meaningful Work amidst Politics

By: Mark Guterman Item:  Comment in a recent training:  “Politics gets in the way of vision sometimes.” Item:  Heard in a coaching session:  “Politics is making it hard for me to see where I’m going or how to plan my

What Dogs Teach Us About Meaningful Work

by Dan King They act as eyes for blind people, ears for the hearing impaired, and helpers for the physically challenged. They help police officers catch criminals, find people lost in the woods, and sniff out drugs and explosives. They

Meaningful Work and Continuous Learning

By:  Mark Guterman By now, most of you know about or have heard of MOOC’s, or Massive Open Online Courses.   These university-created courses are offered through web sites like Coursera, Udacity, EdX, and others, offering high-level, low cost courses that