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Meaningful Work and Continuous Learning

By:  Mark Guterman

internet-315799_640By now, most of you know about or have heard of MOOC’s, or Massive Open Online Courses.   These university-created courses are offered through web sites like Coursera, Udacity, EdX, and others, offering high-level, low cost courses that are easy to access and utilize.  They are one of the many ways that people can continue to develop as they move toward meaningful work.

One can argue/debate about the viability of these and other emerging learning options, but one thing is abundantly clear:  Continuous learning is key for anyone who pursues meaningful work.  There are several reasons for this:

In many ways, meaning and learning go together.  Without learning, everyone becomes stale, and feelings of depletion and emptiness can result.  Keeping our mind sharp and our skills current is not only the cure, but it also builds our capacity to seek and find work that leverages what we do best and things we find most important.

Furthermore, continuous learning, regardless of the specific subject matter or the learning process, helps us to develop a sense of perspective, keeping us tuned (mindful, if you prefer) to signals in and around us that can serve as useful guides to our future.  The broader and deeper the perspective, the more likely we are to see and be motivated to pursue meaningful work.

Also, there is something to be said for learning for its own sake, whether work-related or not.  When we are in learning mode, we experience a release of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm (and sometimes, a fair amount of fear and trepidation).  In other words, learning inspires us in many ways:  to use, share, or find out more, all of which are invaluable in the quest for meaningful work.

There are many twists and turns on the road to meaningful work.  Rarely is the journey straight and direct, and the more open we are to learning, the more we are consciously experimenting, trying new things and ways of doing things, the more agile we’ll be in navigating toward our goals.  Continuous learning gives us the experience to have a clearer understanding of what we want, but also makes the path getting there that much more interesting and exciting.

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MeaningfulCareers.Com was created by Mark Guterman and Dan King, two guys with a shared commitment to the power of meaningful work. We believe that every person can have a meaningful career, guided by his or her own alignment of purpose, commitments and competence. People who have meaningful careers do better, feel better, and add lasting value through their work.

Created by Mark Guterman and Dan King, MeaningfulCareers.com works with professionals looking for meaning in their careers, an alignment of purpose, commitments and competence in the workplace, creating a better life and lasting value through their work.  For more information and downloadable resources visit:  http://meaningfulcareers.com


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