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MeaningfulCareers™ Coaching

  • Individual Coaching Programs: We meet twice monthly over the phone for one hour with additional e-mail support for questions, feedback and follow-up for the duration of your program.
    • 3-Month Program:  $1200
    • 6-Month Program:  $2000
  • Situational Coaching: Single, 45 minute sessions over the phone to address a specific career issue, question or concern.
    • Pay-As-You-Go:  $175 per session


  • Moving Toward Meaningful Work: This one-hour career planning class begins with a brief history and evolution of work, plus an overview of the process of achieving greater meaning in your worklife. We introduce our model of meaningful work, including three essential components–Competence, Intention and Purpose—-and give you the opportunity to surface and explore issues around work that matters.
  • Developing Life-Long Competence. This class delves deeper into the Competence component of meaningful work through an exploration of Performing, Designing and Changing. There will be discussion of how to integrate these “visible” aspects into a meaningful job.
  • Focusing Your Intention: This class delves into the career coaching realms of Perspective, Attitude and Mindfulness—-behaviors that can impact your definition of a meaningful job, including a discussion of how to apply them to your work.
  • Celebrating Your Purpose: This class focuses on the four dimensions of Purpose—-Pragmatism, Integration, Connection and Transcendence, helping you gain clarity about which are essential to identifying work that matters and how to integrate them into your worklife.
  • All teleclasses are for one hour and can be taken singly or sequentially. Upon registration, participants will receive all materials along with details for calling at class time. The fee is $25 per teleclass.
  • For a schedule of classes and registration information, click here.

Training and Consulting

  • Affiliate Training and Certification for experienced coaches who wish to use our model and methods in their work. Click here for details.
  • Training, Coaching and Consulting for Organizations to achieve greater alignment between organizational needs and individual aspirations for meaningful work. Contact us for details and pricing.